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Case Study #1

They implemented a program with 5 keyword phrases for plumbers San Diego, plumbers Oceanside, plumbers Carlsbad, plumbers Temecula, and plumbers Palm Springs.

Please review the screenshots below, showing the immediate benefits of Search Box Optimization.



Sessions increased from 830 to 1,494.


Users increased from 715 users to 1,347 users.


Bounce Rate decreased from 79.5% to 57.1%, which means their traffic was much more engaged

Project Overview

HomeTown Plumbing was looking to increase customers in the Southern California market. They wanted to grow their customer base for plumbing. They were looking to find a way to lower their cost per acquisition and we showed them how Search Box Optimization could help them achieve that goal. They were so impressed with Bing, they started a Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign for the first time.

“Wow, this is cool! I’ve heard through the grapevine that someone was going to figure this technology out. I’m glad it was you guys. This is the next best thing! Congratulations, thanks for the increase in business!”

October 2022 Traffic

Google Analytics

SBO for HomeTown

February 2023 Traffic

Google Analytics

February SBO for HomeTown

Outstanding Results

You will notice the following increases in traffic for HomeTown Plumbing after we implemented SBO.


Sessions increased 80%, from 830 to 1,494.


Users increased 88%, from 715 users to 1,347 users.


Bounce Rate decreased from 79.5% to 57.1%, which means their traffic was much more engaged.


“I didn’t know how well the SBO autocomplete would work, and since I never considered Bing, I was a sceptic on whether the Bing auto-complete would give me business. Carl showed me my competitors on Bing using the search term “Junk Removal Oceanside”, and I knew I had to have a strong presence on Bing.”

We try to source every call to see where the lead came from, and in my five years of business I’ve never heard anyone say, “I saw you on Bing”. In the past few months, with me being in the auto-suggest, I have had a bunch of calls say they found me on Bing. I received 8 new jobs the first month on Bing from the autocomplete. I am so excited, and my business has gotten much busier!

Thank you, guys!! Now I’m going to start a PPC with Bing.”

Robert, CEO and President of Junk Valet, Inc


“Search Box Optimization is extremely important for our company because our marketing costs were getting out of control. I started with 5 areas and because of the success of the SBO program, I’m going to expand to more areas”

CEO, HOMETOWN Restoration


“We are very thankful that Carl approached us on this program. It changed our mind completely on Bing. Now today we are running a major PPC campaign on Bing because of the number of searches. We are expanding to 40 more areas with SBO.”

Owner, Taylor’s Impressive Carpet Care

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